LABS Group X Gravity Resorts launch of Kunang Kunang


LABS Group is announcing the launch of the first community-powered and owned NFT- fractionalized resort, Gravity Resorts Kunang Kunang. The resort is located in the sacred nature of Banyuwangi, Licin District in Indonesia. Developed by Gravity Property Holdings, operating as Gravity Resorts, which owns and manages 7 properties strategically across Asia.

Banyuwangi in Indonesia is ranked as the number two “10 New Balis”. It was one of the prioritized destinations to be invested in by the Indonesian government. Kunang Kunang is the hub of the eight main attractions in Banyuwangi, it allows easy travel from 10 minutes drives to the closest attraction, Jagir Waterfall which is just 200m upstream form the resort, to half hour of drive to Ijen Crater Blue Volcano, the only blue volcano in the world that allows tourists to enter.

Kunang Kunang is a 30 minutes drive away from Banyuwangi Airport and a 30 minutes flight to Bali from Banyuwangi Airport. Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort has a total area of 6,800 square meters, located in a lush green forest surrounded by paddy fields. The entire development is designed to blend with the forest, where the main road is on top and descends into the river that runs along 15 luxurious glamping sites.

The concept of Glamping was introduced as glamorous camping. A literal combination of the term “glamorous camping”, it’s a luxurious way of getting into the great outdoors while keeping the comforts of home. It hugs in with nature under the modern roof that visitors do not have to worry about not bringing enough gear to the location. Just bring your luggage to enjoy the enticing experience. The whole experience is eco-friendly as the resort preserved all the trees in the area while developing the resort. Also, no wild animals and unauthorized individuals are allowed in the resort so we have you covered on the safety issue.

The height of the landscape is about 23 meters. Resort rooms are distributed 5 to 10 meters apart from each other along the slope of the land, divided into two levels to maximize privacy. Which allows guests to immerse themselves in the sounds of the forest.

Scattered across the grounds of Kunang-Kunang is a restaurant and common area that allows for group camaraderie and events for up to 50 pax, and 15 exclusive dome-shaped, private pods with decked patios that are gloriously elevated on stilts not to forget to. Besides that, the entire layout of Kunang-Kunang was tactically built to afford sweeping and unobstructed views of its encompassing natural landscape regardless of where guests choose to spend their time.

LABS Group X Gravity Resorts’ first community-powered and owned fractionalized resort will be soft opening in December 2021 and grand opening in February 2022 after Chinese New Year.

Next, we will interview the owner of Gravity Resorts and its architect and designer to talk about the concept behind the glamping hotel.

A reveal website will be released soon. Stay tuned for more information.

View Gallery for the hotel interior and nearby attractions.

Timeline and milestones of Kunang Kunang Resort:

  • August 2019 — First visit to Banyuwangi. Visited multiple lands before deciding that the current plot best fits our concept and design
  • 2019 December — Completed Land Purchase
  • 2020 September — December — Start working on tents, restaurant, spa, and lobby foundation.
  • 2020 December — Hotel License complete
  • 2021 June -Announcement of LABS X Gravity partnership
  • 2021 November — December — Completion of the resort and further staff training. Cleaning up.
  • 2021 December — Soft Opening.
  • 2022 February — Grand Opening

About LABS Group

LABS is a blockchain-based real estate investment platform looking to simplify investor access and capabilities within the asset class. Using the LABS platform, anyone can easily tokenize and fractionalize their real estate, allowing them to sell or trade it in order to gain instant liquidity. LABS Group also offers a regulated securities market for tokenized real estate trading, a crowdfunding platform, and a lending application that allows for peer-to-peer lending based on the collateralization of tokenized real estate assets. LABS Group is redefining the real estate industry, making it more accessible to everyone.

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About Gravity Resorts

Gravity Resorts is managed by Gravity Property Holdings, an estate consultancy company renowned for purchasing, developing, and operating resorts and hotels across the Asian region. Bringing together decades of collective experience across the hospitality industry, Gravity also extends lucrative real estate investment opportunities and property management services at prime destinations. With properties in Indonesia, Japan, and other countries across Asia, LABS platform users will have new investment opportunities that offer lucrative and stable yields.

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