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LABS Group
LABS is the FIRST End to End Crowdfunding service specializing in the Real Estate Market. Other Social Links: |

LABS Group has officially launched the world’s first community-owned NFT resort, revolutionizing the world of NFTs! This Behind the Scenes Series will address traditional timeshare pain points and introduce the world’s first value-backed RTS-NFT, which LABS Group believes will open new opportunities in the blockchain industry.

To know some of the exciting information about the latest updates regarding the launch of the very first community-powered and owned NFT Resort, LABS Group invited the major names behind the project to have a little sneak peek, including Hotel experts, Mr. Mahesh Herilela, Mr. Yuen Wong, Mr. Bernard Lau, and Mr. …

Imagine a resort that is surrounded by the most natural landscape, a place where you can experience luxury at its best. The mastermind behind the glorious masterpiece is the award-winning architect, Mr. Willy Sandy Ekaputra, who took special care in preserving nature during the resort’s development.

Obtain the first NFT resort naming right through your own hands! LABS Group is thrilled to announce the world’s first community-owned resort and first Timeshare (RTS) NFT, which will be sold via an auction on the Refinable marketplace in mid-July. Learn more about the resort and the auction below.


The revolutionary community-owned NFT resort…

The collaboration demonstrates real estate trading becoming more accessible and convenient, while expanding the applicability of NFT as an enabler of new commerce.

LABS Group is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Refinable, the first major NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that empowers creators and brands to affordably create, discover, trade and leverage NFTs. Under this partnership, LABS Group will be tokenizing and fractionalizing its real estate assets on Refinable’s fast, cost-effective, and simple-to-use NFT platform.

Today’s announcement reflects the explosive growth and expanding applicability of the NFT marketplace sector. According to, over $2 billion was…

LABS Group is thrilled to announce today that it has entered into a new strategic partnership with Gravity Hotels & Resorts, an international real estate property holdings company with some of the most luxurious properties located across the Asia Pacific region. With this new partnership, Gravity Resorts will be able to integrate their real estate holdings into the LABS platform. We are proud and excited to announce that we have finalized a collaboration with Gravity Resorts.

This innovation by LABS Group brings about the world’s first resort non-fungible tokens (NFT) through combining NFT technology with real estate, one of the…

What do you get when you combine non-fungible tokens (NFT) with real estate, one of the most sought-after asset classes globally? You get an innovative and value-adding new product, which is precisely what LABS Group plans to introduce with our new NFT. With this, we will be directly rewarding and incentivizing our users with awesome new timeshare based-NFTs, each with unique characteristics and utilities that bring value to users through fractional property ownership. This will be a first-of-its-kind operation, with the potential to forever change how real estate is transacted and invested moving forward. …

Community and Data


  • 25K total followers on Twitter
  • 114% Increase in Twitter’s Profile Engagement
  • 68.5% increase in likes
  • 177% increase in retweets
  • 20% increase in comments


  • 1212 active users on Telegram
  • 101 Daily Active Users
  • 434 average daily messages
  • 18 for average hourly messages
  • 13034 messages


Partnership with Greater China Appraisal (GCA) — June 16

LABS partners with @Refinable — June 21

Partnership with DeCredit — June 24

Partnership with @Dragonbite — June 24

Special Events

New Instagram page — June 7

Launch of first community-powered and owned NFT — Kunang Kunang — June 10

MonopoLABS Giveaway — June 14

We Hear You LABS Community!

LABS Group’s fundamental objective is to make resort and hotel investments available to everyone. Following our recent Rewarding Timeshare (RTS) NFT auction last week for Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort, LABS Group has received some feedback from our community, mainly concerning the entry prices of the RTS-NFTs. As such, with our community as a priority, LABS Group would like to announce our RTS-NFT Relaunch 2.0, where our team has made significant upgrades while maintaining the same great benefits for everyone who is interested in the auction!

Lower the Entry Barrier to 3333 USDT!

Following our recent RTS-NFT launch last week, LABS Group would like to extend our thanks to our community for your support and suggestions. Here at LABS Group, we hope to be flexible and ever-growing. We acknowledge that there are always improvements to be made and our company always prioritises change and growth as our primary focus to attain our goal of bringing real estate investment to everyone!

That is why, with the feedback we have received from our community, we have decided to relaunch our RTS-NFT auction for Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort. We are currently in preparation for a 2.0…

Keep Track of Your RTS-NFT with SafePal

LABS Group is delighted to announce our formed strategic partnership with SafePal, a crypto management platform dedicated to providing a secure and user-friendly environment for users worldwide. This collaboration with SafePal will enable LABS Group to store Rewarding Timeshare (RTS) NFT in the SafePal wallet safely.

SafePal is the world’s first hardware wallet invested and backed by Binance Blockchain. The company allows users to own and manage their assets on their terms by providing a secured and controlled storage for their crypto assets. …

If you have been keeping up with LABS Group’s social media platforms, you would have certainly heard of Kunang Kunang Resort. LABS Group has recently launched the world’s first community-owned resort — Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort. It will be sold as 365 Rewarding Timeshare (RTS) NFTs via an auction on Refinable’s marketplace from July 15th, 2021! You can learn more about the auction here.

The LABS RTS-NFT provides investors and clients with amazing features! Want to know how you can benefit from this auction? Here are ten reasons why the RTS-NFT auction is the perfect investment opportunity for you!

1. Low Risk and High Return


LABS Group

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