• Users can participate with a minimum of 10 USD worth of $LABS Token.
  • Users can stake $LABS Token in the prediction pool for three months and get up to 80% APY.
  • Staking in the right football club prediction pool means you’re entered into a lucky draw, potentially getting exclusive football club prizes!
  • Head over to our website.
  • Then, connect your Wallet Address. This is so you can stake your tokens and predict in the football club prediction pool.
  • MetaMask, CoinBase Wallet and Wallet Connect wallet addresses are available on our website.
  • A message will be prompted to ask you for confirmation to switch to Binance Smart Chain Network. Click Switch Network to continue.
  • Click “Stake & Win” under “Which Top 4 Football Club Will LABS Partner With?”.
  • A minimum of 10 USD worth of $LABS token is required to enter the pool.
  • To see how much you’ve currently staked into the prediction pool, click the “Profile” button. You can unstake your tokens after locking period*.
  • That’s it! Now all that’s left to do is wait for the prediction pool result, and which football club we’ve partnered up with. The result will be announced via our official Twitter.



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LABS Group

LABS Group


LABS Group utilizes blockchain, NFT and Web3 tech to disrupt traditional real estate and hospitality industry. Other Social Links: twitter.com/r/LabsGroupio/