The World First NFT Resort Auction Coming Up on 26th July at Lower Entry Price!

We Hear You LABS Community!

LABS Group’s fundamental objective is to make resort and hotel investments available to everyone. Following our recent Rewarding Timeshare (RTS) NFT auction last week for Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort, LABS Group has received some feedback from our community, mainly concerning the entry prices of the RTS-NFTs. As such, with our community as a priority, LABS Group would like to announce our RTS-NFT Relaunch 2.0, where our team has made significant upgrades while maintaining the same great benefits for everyone who is interested in the auction!

Lower the Entry Barrier to 3333 USDT!

Acting upon the community feedback we have received, LABS Group has decided to further fractionalize the RTS-NFTs by issuing 1095 RTS-NFTs in total, each day will be represented by 3 RTS-NFTs. Now, with a lower entry price, successful bidders can still enjoy the same benefits with a new price tag! Interested parties can now invest in Kunang Kunang Resort in two methods:

Method 1: Auction with Lower Entry Prices

365 RTS-NFTs will be listed on auction for 7 days at the starting price of 3333 USDT! The auction will last from July 26 (1 PM UTC) to August 1 (1 PM UTC). To join this auction — go on

Method 2: Buy RTS-NFT Now Price for Immediate Purchase

730 RTS-NFTs are available for immediate purchase starting from July 26th onwards. The first-come-first-serve buy-it-now price will be starting from 3999 USDT, so if you wish to purchase an RTS-NFT that falls on your special day, make sure to acquire the RTS-NFT right away on!

Seasonal Prices/Special Days

Seasonal prices for Kunang Kunang’s RTS-NFTs may vary, as RTS-NFTs from July to September will be fixed at 4333 USDT and some RTS-NFTs falling on international special days will be fixed at 4666 USDT.

International Special Days fall on:

January 1 — New Year’s Day

February 14 — Valentine’s Day

December 24–26 — Christmas

December 31 — New Year’s Eve

For more detailed information regarding our RTS-NFT Relaunch 2.0, see here

More Benefits and Rewards!

As previously mentioned, RTS-NFT owners will be entitled to the same great benefits previously offered! This includes 30 years of staying rights that are worth 5100 USD, freedom to swap, trade, and give exclusive RTS-NFT holder privileges. With this, you can enjoy our previously promised perks with our refined price!

Furthermore, the RTS-NFTs are guaranteed with 10% annual return for the first 2 years based on auction nominal price, with a projection of 15% annual return afterward!* With each RTS-NFT purchase, RTS-NFT holders will receive about 0.1% of the entire resort’s profit-backed reward per share.

Additionally, the first 100 bidders will be able to win a 200 USDT rebate by being the first person to place any first bid on our Kunang Kunang RTS-NFT auction.

All RTS-NFT holders can also enjoy a special VIP package while they stay at the resort, amounting to 150USD x 30years = 4,500USD:

  • Private Limousine Airport Transfer to Kunang Kunang Resort
  • In-room welcome treats
  • Kunang Kunang Set Breakfast for 2
  • 50% off on any onsite consumption on the RTS-NFT date
  • 20% off on any off-site consumption on the RTS-NFT date (i.e. excursion, local tours)

Kunang Kunang Pipeline & Future development

LABS Group is preparing for Kunang Kunang’s grand opening in February next year. In terms of future developments, we intend to expand our businesses and develop more resorts globally, with prospective plans in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Japan.

LABS Community First and Foremost

The main intent of the RTS-NFT Relaunch is to act upon our community’s feedback and to provide a more affordable option for everyone while all rights and benefits remain the same. RTS-NFTs transform the way investors build their diversified portfolio, with access to a wide range of assets, low transaction cost,s and trading any time around the clock. LABS Group hopes that through this relaunch, more of our community will be able to participate and accompany us along this journey to innovate the real estate industry.

Our team would like to once again thank everyone for your feedback, and continued support!

For more information and updates regarding our new relaunch, please visit our social media channels to know more.

*estimated by Greater China Appraisal

About LABS Group

LABS Group is a digitized real estate investment ecosystem that is powered by blockchain and the community. The ecosystem, which aims to redefine the real estate investment sector, includes a crowdfunding and trading platform, a collateralized lending platform, and NFT reward solutions on resorts and hotels. Using the LABS platform, developers can easily tokenize and fractionalize their real estate, allowing them to sell or trade it.

For more information on LABS Group, feel free to follow our socials below:


Disclaimers: Nothing in this communication should be construed as advice of any kind. All investments involve the risk of losing all money you invest, and past performance does not guarantee future performance.



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