Phuket Resort Property Giveaway Update announcement

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4 min readMar 17, 2021

Our token has been launched on UNISWAP and thank you for all the support from our community. Without our massive community we couldn’t have made this happen.

First of all, we would like to apologize for the unforeseeable technical issue that happened on March 15th in regards to our staking pool. Due to the high demand of trading activities and requests, we need some time to gather everything together.

A big thank you to MANTRADAO for helping us with this complex staking pool. The delay was caused by the complexities of the contract.

Lucky Draw Entry method updated as below,

MANTRADAO staking pool will OPEN on March 17, 2021 at 4:00PM UTC and will close on March 18th around 3:00 AM UTC

Staking rewards will start earning at 4:30AM UTC and will last for 10 weeks. During this time LABS will be offering $LABS as rewards for your continued support.

We have opened the Lucky Draw to all users because of our delay. All LP stakers that stake into the MANTRADAO Pool from March 17th, 4PM UTC until March 18th 3:00AM UTC will earn entries into the LABS lucky draw.

We want to reward our honorary FIRST HOUR LP Stakers (10:48 am — 11:48 am). We will be rewarding all LP Staker during that hour 4 times the amount of entries that they will receive from their LP contribution.

All the UNISWAP LP Stakers need to stake their LP Tokens into the MANTRADAO staking pool to verify the Lucky Draw Entry. We have taken several snapshots of the wallet during the hour of 10:48–11:48AM UTC when we opened the UNISWAP Pool so we will be using those to audit the stakers during that time.

The amount of entries will be put on a website a few days before the drawing after our audit.

All Stakers will need to fill out the following form with information regarding their transaction data for our audit process.

LP Stakers after March 15th, 11:48 AM UTC will not have the 4X Extra Bonus Entries and will follow the schedule listed below.

As a special treat to all our NFT Auction buyers we will be giving away free entries for you according to the tier of card you have. The amount of entries you receive are shown below.

Additional giveaway added for our community.

We would like to present an extra gift to our community — a Luxury Holiday Package to Hong Kong.

Holiday Package for 2 at the new Hari Hotel in Hong Kong

Including :

  • 3-Nights stay in a suite in The Hari Hotel
  • 2 Roundtrip economy class tickets from your origin to Hong Kong
  • Dinner with LABS Team

Lucky Draw Winner will be announced on March 31 in a live drawing on youtube.

Update regarding the NFT Pool

Due to the large amount of interest in our NFT Sale. We have decided to put the liquidity pool up in tranches. The first tranche will be set at 0.008. After that we will take an average of the remaining tranches and will distribute the LP accordingly. Due to the heavy interest in the LABS NFT sale we have also decided during the 14 days the LP will be 100% owned by the community as opposed to half owned by LABS. If the community continues to hold the LP after 14 days they will continue to own 100% of the transaction percentages. 50% of the NFT auction will still be fully deployed into the liquidity pool.

We are doing this for the safety of the Liquidity Pool as the liquidity pool belongs to our community and not LABS. This was part of our anti-botting measure we had in place. This will help to prevent the liquidity pool from being completely drained and overrun by large sell offs and dumped against the community and the LP itself.

We are working with 3rd parties to help to mitigate these risks. Unlike other projects LABS did not code a pause button which would completely defeat the purpose of decentralization.

The LP is fully community driven and will be handed back to the community on the 29th of March exactly 14 days from the day LABS is listed on UniSWAP.



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