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4 min readOct 11, 2022

Bernard Lau is the CEO of LABS Group. He has a decade of experience in real estate and hospitality, having founded a property management company in Shanghai that manages residential and commercial properties, and co-founding Gravity Resorts, a boutique resort company that has presence in Indonesia, Thailand and Japan.

Bernard Lau’s View on Bringing Blockchain Technology to Real Estate

It’s an honour to be here as the new CEO of LABS, and I am ever grateful to Yuen for giving me this opportunity to bring LABS forward and to bring our vision to reality.

Real Estate has always been my passion and being in the industry for the past decade, it’s something that has always kept me excited and on my feet. When I started my property management business in Shanghai, my wife and I would be riding our electric scooter around the city and making calls to every residential and commercial lot that had a phone number pasted on it to find out the price. It felt the same when I was in Bali searching for land to start our first resort development, or even travelling in Asia searching for old holiday homes for sale.

I feel the same way now looking at the potential of blockchain and how it could improve and modernize the real estate industry. And that was how I was led to LABS. After the completion and successful launch of Kunang Kunang Tent Resort, I felt that I could contribute more to the industry, not just from a ‘brick and mortar’ perspective, but to execute and implement fresh ideas that may help to modernize the entire industry as a whole.

What we have in the pipeline is something I believe that could disrupt the traditional hospitality industry, we are building a marketplace that allows resorts and hotels globally to gradually come onto Web3, and along with it a system that empowers our users to live around the world!

And with our upcoming partnership with the Top 10 Global Football Club as their Official Hotel Partner, we have huge plans moving forward to ensure that LABS will be in the forefront to bring mass adoption of blockchain technology to the real estate industry.

I look forward to the next few months with excitement and would like to thank all of LABS supporters old and new for their patience and unwavering support. We can’t wait to share what we’re working on with everybody soon!

Yuen Wong’s View on Bernard Championing LABS Group

Entrepreneurship is never easy, and I learned that more than once in my journey.

Failures are common, and I count myself lucky to have been through some and yet able to see some successes now. This includes witnessing BitMart from its pitch deck days to its current status as an established crypto exchange. Honoured to have played a part in this as managing partner.

Also not forgetting the LABS project which we launched successfully and able to see some good traction. It was never easy to be a pioneer in any case, more so in this sizable industry which pretty much hadn’t seen much innovation.

Yes the LABS team soldiered on even though we went through challenging periods including the Covid-19 which made traveling and business developments harder.

Perseverance would pay off eventually as long as the general direction is correct. Yes we do believe that real estate can be disrupted by blockchain and transition to Web3.

And we are happy we have found partners that also firmly believe in that. Gravity Resorts was among the first partners that had worked with LABS Group. The owner and I had many in depth discussions and we shared the same belief.

And seeing that the owner, Bernard Lau, has extensive knowledge in running resorts and hence really understands real estate play, we started to discuss about a full strategic partnership.

Now LABS Group is extremely honored to have Bernard as our new CEO and he will champion our coming LABS Club, Resort and Hotel NFT Marketplace. We will also be announcing some huge partnership deals. As for myself, I will assume the role of Executive Chairman and focus on building resources and partnerships for the group and setting the vision and direction.

With this, we look forward to better days as they will definitely come and we look forward to your continued support.

About LABS Group

LABS Club is powered by LABS Group Limited, a platform that offers end-to-end real estate blockchain real estate projects. It was first established in 2018, and we are partnered with some of the biggest names in the real estate world, such as Ananda Development, Living Land, and L.P.N. Development, as well as hospitality companies, such as Arena Esports Hotel.

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