CEO of LABS Group, Yuen Wong, has hosted an AMA on LABS Group Telegram to give the community a better understanding on the GEMS project. We are honoured to have Andy, CEO of GEMS, on hand to answer your most pressing questions on GEMS.

Here are several main points addressed by Andy within the AMA!

Part 1: General Review

Yuen | CEO of LABS : Hi guys, let me do a quick voice intro and then Andy can take over and tell you how great the GEMS GameFi and Esports 3.0 Platform is.

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: hi everyone.

Yuen | CEO of LABS : Hi everyone, like what I said, we have got the GEMS CEO, Andy here. It is a great honour to have him here. So basically, why LABS is co-leading and co-founding GEMS? It’s because we got into business with Arena Esports Hotel, which our first hotel will be ready in Singapore in this coming May. Through this, we decide to launch the GEMS project together. Andy, is the CEO of Game ONE, who is very experience in Esports. We think that with this platform, we can really propel our Arena Esports Hotel business of which LABS holds significant 50% invested interest in this.

Yuen | CEO of LABS : And then, I would like to share how GEMS is going to benefit LABS. Because like what I said, part of the LABS team, and LABS has co-founded the GEMS platform and now currently is co-leading. So part of the fund raise from GEMS will be used and helped LABS to form the liquidity pool. So that on one hand, GEMS can generate the transactional fees out of it, and yet gain the LABS liquidity pool and extra boost and also boost the investors confidence.

Yuen | CEO of LABS : Because LABS holds 50% vested interest in Arena Esports business, so if without a good platform and the software, is just like you can never become a Starbucks, you can just be a coffee shop. So that’s why, we think that with the GEMS Esports 3.0 Platform, we can help propel the Arena Esports Hotel business. And that will benefit LABS greatly, because remember the whole LABS ecosystem profit will go into the buy back and burn mechanism and the benefit all LABS token holders.

Yuen | CEO of LABS : And also when GEMS platform propel the Arena Esports Hotel business, each of the future deals, we will also put on the LABS crowdfunding platform, and let all the LABS token holders able to participate in it. Also remember in future deals, 10% of the transactional fees will be used to send to the liquidity pool and premium lock it. So that the pool becomes bigger and bigger, so that everyone gets to benefit from that as well. Besides to use the ecosystem profit to conduct the buy back and burn.

Yuen | CEO of LABS : All-in-all, the GEMS platform will help to propel the Arena Esports business so that we can on board more gamers. We all know that gamers are the nature market for the crypto market, so that means the whole ecosystem will only become bigger and bigger, and everybody wins in this partnership.

Yuen | CEO of LABS : So lastly with this, I pass the show to Andy to show you how great the GEMS Esports 3.0 platform is, so together will bring GameFi to the next Esports. Thank you Andy, let’s start! I hope every LABS supporter can support the GEMS project, because together we will become stronger.

[Session 1/4: Project Introduction]

JAKE | LABS : Could you please introduce yourself to $LABS Community?

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: thanks Yuen for a quick summary and I am glad to be part of LABS & GEMS community as both entities are very closely related to grow to a bigger ecosystem together.

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: Hi everyone, my name is Andy Koh. My name is Andy. I’m the co-founder of @thegemsgg, which is an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem. It propels Esports into 3.0 by integrating GameFi, Metaverse and SocialFi elements, and leverages on its founding partners’ chain of Esports hotels which is also backed by LABS GROUP.

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: A little bit about myself. My background has always been in the Esports, IT and Hotel industry. I previously managed over large-scale ecosystem project 4B USD across Southeast Asia and Australia. My most recent involvement is a Esports Lifestyle Eco-System platform and now through my experience and industry domain knowledge together with LABS GROUP, ARENA ESPORTS and GAME ONE. We are building not just another platform but a Gaming Platform that truly dominate the market as an industry leader which is build out of ESPORTS 3.0 concept which I will share more later.

JAKE | LABS : Could you tell us more about this project?

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: Earlier on I share with everyone about ESPORTS 3.0 which is ESPORTS + BLOCKCHAIN. GEMS is an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem.

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: It propels Esports into 3.0 by integrating GameFi, Metaverse and SocialFi elements. GEMS core business pillars include a portal, a NFT rental library, a FanFi Studio and a competitive pools arena.

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: GEMS is a one-stop destination for gamers that integrates the young population into the new sharing Economy. This ambitious vision of GEMS is realized by 3 very strong backers providing technical, relationship, partnership and industrial support.

1. LABS blockchain digital real estate investment platform,

2. Arena E-sports Hotel,

3. Game One E-sports management

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: You can see the above the current markets size of GEMS:





JAKE | LABS : What is GEMS’ advantage over its competitors?

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: Based on our current business model which is being proven over centuries is our O2O model. Look at Apple, Mac Donald’s, Microsoft Office and Samsung they all have good products at the same time they have great exposure via their offline partners and some even purchased lands to secure the long term benefit of products promotion.

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: GEMS main competitive advantage over many other blockchain projects is our OFFLINE presence through our partner: Arena Esports Hotel where gamer’s hotelier can access GEMS platform across all the ESPORTS PC. Let me share everyone how it works through this video about how GEMS can be used in our partner’s ESPORTS hotel.

[Video of Esports hotel]

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: Not only can they experience but there is true user interaction with promoting ESPORTS 3.0 (Esports + Blockchain) via our O2O model.

JAKE | LABS : Could you tell us more about $GEMS Tokenomics and its token usage?

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: I will share our current tokenomics and token usage plus also a sneak preview of future TOKEN usage as well.

JAKE | LABS : How’s the fundraising going for GEMS? Are there any partners that you would like to highlight?

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: This is the best and very close question to my heart as we have tremendous results to share on top of the fundraising.

Private Investment

— — — — — — — — — — -

Within 4 months, GEMS have successfully raised over USDT $5M+ with 32+ backers as our venture capitalists.

Team Experience

— — — — — — — — —

Based on our 4 veteran partners (LABSGROUP: Blockchain, GAMEONE: Esports, ARENA ESPORTS HOTEL: Community and TRA MY ANGEL: Celebrity) with a combined 50 years related experience and each veteran partners bring their solution to resolve the current problems researched and understand by the founders of GEMS put our product as a industry leader being a gaming aggregator platform.

Blockchain Partners

— — — — — — — — — — -

Currently together with 8+ other blockchain industry leaders: Formless, Aracade Network, Metavisa, Metis etc is integrating smart contract, passport to metaverse, decentralization, sharing economy and multiple monetization together with Web 3.0 movement and based on the concept of esports, build on GEMS platform. GEMS currently is and is building a 1 stop digital services in a digital hypermarket market and serve players, gamers, fans, influencers, digital lifestylers, broadcasters, organizers, managers and sponsors.

Merchant’s Partner

— — — — — — — — — -

Our current partners that have agreed via MOU to work/hosted or work with us before and some notable big names to mention based on the market current portfolio size of over a total of 60+ portfolios that my founding partner have invested also: Project Seed, Cross The Ages, Dreams Quest, FOTA, The Killbox, Garena, Tencent, Mineski, Team Evos, Team Flash.

[Session 2/4: Twitter Community Questions]


Twitter Questions #1:

The goal of #GEMS is really smart because the community of gamers and E-Sport fans around the world is really large. I read the news and have not seen GEMS have a partnership with any partner from the Esports community. Is GEMS looking for a partnership with any organization?

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: We already have several partnership that we are talking to the following:

American: №1 Esports Team (Team Liquid)

Europe: №1 Esports Team (Team Astralis)

Asia: №1 Esports Team (Team Mineski)

Mentioning about FANS our talks with these traditional ESPORTS team is focusing how to rewards their FANS however GEMS is a independent platform and really do not need much partnership with the traditional esports community yet as of now. Our main purposes will still be focusing on education and more offline events to convert existing traditional esports gamer to use ESPORTS 3.0 through GEMS.

Look at this and you will understand more.

You can see from the above there isn’t a need to onboard ESPORTS COMPANIES. The focus will be really on the current traditional and GameFi’s gamers.

JAKE | LABS : Twitter Questions #2:

The GEMS Demo Launcher is the closest point on your roadmap right now. That being said, can you tell us more about this Demo Launcher? Will users be able to participate in this Demo? If so, what do they need to do for it? What features of GEMS do you plan to release in this Demo?

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: Our 1st most important feature of course will be for the GAMERS which is NFT rental. As NFT rental allow gamers to earn finance using our rented NFT thus resolving the NFT financing common problems rooted in the current situation currently especially in SEA.

JAKE | LABS : Twitter Questions #3:

GEMS is an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem. With Esports 3.0, what features and advantages will GEMS bring that traditional Esports does not have? How will players really experience GameFi and how can they profit through GEMS?

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: Let me share you a true case study here.

Any user regardless of age, gender, education can earn US$1-US$30 by playing GAMEFI’S games through GEMS ESPORTS 3.0 Platform.

[Session 3/4: Live AMA Questions]

Live AMA Questions #1:

Lots of game publishers don’t really care about helping projects before & after launch while capturing the safety interests of investors in the project. As a blockchain game publisher, What support do you provide for the project you are going to help with (Pre-Launch and Post-Launch)? And

Do you have any android apps for it??

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: Question 1: Firstly, we are another project that is focusing on 1 dimensional gamer’s needs. Being a platform and with 32+ backers, 60+ invested projects and 40+ partners. We are here to own the “KING OF GAME” platform and we have a long way with a strong team to back us up.

Let me share my team with you.

Live AMA Questions #2:

Your project name seems to be very interesting. Does it have any story behind it? Can you share with us with the inspiron for approaching this name?

Andy Koh | GEMS CEO: Question 2: Firstly LABS GROUP (Master Of Blockchain) invested in ARENA ESPORTS HOTEL (Master Of Community) then together with their founding partners GAME ONE (Master Of Esports) and then came along a CELEBRITY (Master Of Social). So with great partner background and OFFLINE property we realize something is missing.


So we decided to research the market and realized there is a missing INDUSTRY LEADER/KING in the space of GAME PLATFORM combining ESPORTS + BLOCKCHAIN (due to it’s many benefit and ability to resolve traditional ESPORTS problem). That was how GEMS is born and realize till this day.

About GEMS

GEMS stands for GameFi, Esports, Metaverse and SocialFi.

Proudly presenting Esports 3.0, GEMS is an Esports 3.0 Aggregator Platform within a unique O2O (online-to-offline) Ecosystem. Our one-of-a-kind ecosystem is designed to be the ultimate, one-stop GameFi destination, allowing crypto and Esports gamers to learn, connect, and immerse themselves in different metaverses and GameFi worlds via online and offline touchpoints.

Join the party👇

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About LABS Group

LABS Group Limited (, the world’s first end to end Blockchain powered real estate digital investment platform that provides access to fractionalized property and business ownership. It is taking a proactive role in spearheading the Esports hotel business, capitalising on current GameFi and Metaverse trend.

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LABS Group utilizes blockchain, NFT and Web3 tech to disrupt traditional real estate and hospitality industry. Other Social Links: