LABS Group Opens Whitelisting for Poolz IDO Participation

Recently, we announced that the LABS will be conducting its IDO on Poolz. As we’re getting closer to our IDO date, we announce that we’re opening the whitelisting for Poolz IDO participation.

Poolz relies on a whitelisting process to ensure that all investors get a fair opportunity to invest in the IDOs. We explained the whitelisting process in the previous announcement and here are the basic requirements for you to be eligible for LABS IDO whitelisting:

How Will the IDO Whitelisting Work?

You will have to fulfil the criteria outlined below to be eligible for whitelisting for the LABS IDO on Poolz:

To be fully eligible for each of the three IDO’s whitelisting, please make sure you

1. Follow Poolz on Twitter

2. Follow LABS on Twitter

3. Retweet the pinned tweet on the LABS Twitter account.
Make sure to include cashtags $POOLZ and $LABS.

4. Join the LABS Telegram group

5. Fill the whitelist form here

6. LABS IDO staking page link

For regular updates on Labs’s progress, join the Telegram Group.

You can find the details of LABS Token Metrics here.

About LABS Group

LABS is the world’s first end to end blockchain powered real estate investment ecosystem. It is disrupting real estate investments in the largest asset class through the world’s first end to end real estate investment ecosystem by fractionalizing real estate investments. The LABS platform is powered by the LABS ecosystem token through decentralized finance (DeFi) and governance.



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LABS Group

LABS Group utilizes blockchain, NFT and Web3 tech to disrupt traditional real estate and hospitality industry. Other Social Links: