LABS Group to Innovate Property Investments through Strategic Partnership With Gravity Resorts

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3 min readJun 4, 2021


LABS Group is thrilled to announce today that it has entered into a new strategic partnership with Gravity Hotels & Resorts, an international real estate property holdings company with some of the most luxurious properties located across the Asia Pacific region. With this new partnership, Gravity Resorts will be able to integrate their real estate holdings into the LABS platform. We are proud and excited to announce that we have finalized a collaboration with Gravity Resorts.

This innovation by LABS Group brings about the world’s first resort non-fungible tokens (NFT) through combining NFT technology with real estate, one of the biggest asset industries globally. LABS Group will be the pioneer to fractionalize an entire Resort into NFTs. This vision is first-of-its-kind by integrating the traditional market with blockchain technology, and buyers will be able to fractionalize the properties through this new ecosystem. LABS Group believes that with this operation, combining NFTs with Real Estate will not only be revolutionary in the DeFi industry but would also propel this concept to the forefront of the real estate industry.

Creating New Investment Opportunities

Gravity Resorts can provide users with predictable yearly ROIs on all of their investment properties, making real estate investing as simple as ever. For example, there is a 400 square meter property on 600 square meters of land in Uluwatu, Indonesia that Gravity Resorts own; this $500,000 property produces a predicted ROI of six percent per year, making it a great wealth preservation option for risk-averse investors looking to store their savings for the long haul.

Following the completion of this partnership, LABS Group stakeholders will gain access to a suite of properties within Gravity Resort’s investment portfolio, while Gravity Resorts gains a new pool of liquidity, supporters, and a way to de-leverage themselves and reduce their overall capital expenditures and risk. Through our platform, Gravity Resorts even has the opportunity to crowdfund new property investments or take advantage of our over-collateralized real estate token loaning platform, but no final decisions have been made on if they will be preceding within other aspects of our platform yet.

‘It is inevitable that blockchain will be part of our lives in the near future. It will be integrated into many industries globally, and real estate will not be left out. Gravity, as a resort development company is proud to take the first step with LABS Group to bring real estate investment into the new age, and to bring exciting, affordable real estate investment products to everyone.’- Gravity Resorts Co-founder Bernard Lau

All-in-all, through this partnership, we are bringing a major real estate firm into the LABS ecosystem, making their investment properties widely available to all for the first time. This represents another step towards the future of the real estate investing industry, one that isn’t always bogged down by red tape and unnecessary financial, economic, and social barriers that keep most of the masses from owning a stake in the property. Through this partnership, anyone will soon have the opportunity to become a partial owner of a revenue-generating luxury property.

About Gravity Resort

Gravity Resorts is managed by Gravity Property Holdings, an estates consultancy company renowned for purchasing, developing, and operating resorts and hotels across the Asian region. Bringing together decades of collective experience across the hospitality industry, Gravity also extends lucrative real estate investment opportunities and property management services at prime destinations. With properties in Indonesia, Japan, and other countries across Asia, LABS platform users will have new investment opportunities that offer lucrative and stable yields.

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About LABS Group

LABS is a blockchain-based real estate investment platform looking to simplify investor access and capabilities within the asset class. Using the LABS platform, anyone can easily tokenize and fractionalize their real estate, allowing them to sell or trade it in order to gain instant liquidity. LABS Group also offers a regulated securities market for tokenized real estate trading, a crowdfunding platform, and a lending application that allows for peer-to-peer lending based on the collateralization of tokenized real estate assets. LABS Group is redefining the real estate industry, making it more accessible to everyone.

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