LABS Group Taps into MANTRA DAO Launchpad as an IDO Partner

To continue to expand our community and token launch options, we are proud to announce our latest partnership with MANTRA DAO. MANTRA DAO will facilitate the release of the $LABS token and offer a $LABS staking pool for users to capitalize on through their brand new ZENDIT launchpad. Partnerships are a cornerstone of long-term growth, and we are grateful to have such a reputable partner in MANTRA DAO. We will be the first project to launch on MANTRA DAO’s decentralized swapping protocol — ZENDIT and we are thankful for the opportunity to work with an amazing project and community.

Decentralized token distribution is the name of the game, one of the reasons why we at LABS Group are working with so many high-caliber communities to host our initial DEX offering (IDO). We will be collaborating with MANTRA DAO to give its community of users token access through a new launchpad offering while facilitating our users’ needs.



MANTRA DAO is a community governed DeFi network focusing on staking, lending, and platform governance. As a growing platform with a substantial and active community of users, MANTRA DAO has introduced the ZENDIT launchpad to facilitate the launch of top-notch projects and reward its base. This will grant projects access to capital as well as a strategic relationship with MANTRA DAO while allowing its user base to gain access to new investments at a private sale price. MANTRA DAO built on Parity Substrate for the Polkadot ecosystem aims to give financial control back to the people to store and grow wealth together.

More information about MANTRADAO

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | LinkedIn

About $LABS

$LABS is the native cryptocurrency of the LABS real estate investment platform, allowing our users to access the network’s groundbreaking services. In the current real estate investment industry, you essentially need to be a high net worth individual to participate. You also have your money locked in a costly and illiquid asset, making it hard to capture the full value of the investment if you need to sell it in a pinch. LABS has created a platform to make this old way of real estate investing obsolete.

Users can tokenize their real estate with LABS as a unique, non-fungible token, allowing it to be broken up into as many shares as the user likes and sold on the open market. Through this model, LABS enables users to invest in real estate worldwide, starting with just $100. Whether you want to invest in properties in New York, Dubai, Tokyo, or anywhere in between, LABS facilitates this transaction to grant users financial exposure to extremely sought-after real estate assets.

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LABS Group

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