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3 min readJan 27, 2022


To start the bright year ahead, LABS Group is glad to announce another joint venture with Gravity Resort to build Esports Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a local developer and hotel operator, Gravity Resort is experienced in resort and boutique hotel management in the region. With the earlier projects such as Kunang Kunang Resort being ready by the end of first quarter, we plan to expand to 50 Esports hotels in Southeast Asia in 3 years.

“Esports is a very exciting sector. The target market is young, vibrant and very open to cryptocurrencies,” said Yuen Wong, CEO of LABS Group. “And that’s why LABS Group is into this. I personally believe in GameFi x blockchain x NFT solutions with real estate.”

Bernard, the founder of Gravity Resort, had been discussing with Yuen for a long time about the partnership. Both of them strongly believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain will be pivotal in the coming years.

“Malaysia is a hot bed for gaming talents, not just for professional gamers but also one of the destinations for gaming houses to source talent,” said Bernard. “With a pretty mature cryptocurrency ecosystem in Malaysia, and GameFi being one of the fastest growing narratives in the crypto space, we believe that Malaysia would be a fantastic and interesting market to delve into.”

Yuen Wong (Left), CEO of LABS Group signing off the joint venture with Bernard Lau (Right), the Founder of Gravity Resorts under the zoom meeting.

Through this joint venture, we will build a gaming ecosystem that brings together cryptocurrency, gaming and real estate. “We want our users to Play-to-Earn with the best possible gaming experience in a relaxing environment,” said Bernard. “By partnering with GEMS, we are able to bring more value to our clients.”

​​For example, by staying at our Esports hotels, gamers can comfortably meet up, stream games, and even purchase or loan exclusive NFTs. The more games and partners we work with, the larger the ecosystem and the more value we can bring to our patrons.

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LABS Group is a digital investment platform that provides access to fractionalized property ownership and enables the continuous trading of real estate assets-backed tokenized shares on a regulated security exchange.

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Gravity Resorts is managed by Gravity Property Holdings, an estates consultancy company renowned for purchasing, developing, and operating resorts and hotels across the Asian region. Bringing together decades of collective experience across the hospitality industry, Gravity also extends lucrative real estate investment opportunities and property management services at prime destinations. With properties in Indonesia, Japan, and other countries across Asia, LABS platform users will have new investment opportunities that offer lucrative and stable yields.

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