LABS Group explore the opportunity to tokenize one of the best Resort on Maldives Island

LABS Group is on its way to building a one-of-a-kind investment ecosystem offering opportunities to our growing community. We actively partner with real estate developers and firms worldwide, tapping into the tokenized real estate investment market’s full potential. We are excited to announce the possibility of tokenizing the Ifuru Resort, a top-of-the-world luxury complex located on one of the world’s most exclusive islands in nowhere other than the one and only — Maldives.

The lease that the group is looking to invest in includes three significant parts.

  • The Ifuru Island Resort.
  • The Ifuru Domestic Airport.
  • The Funadhoo Virgin island.

This means that when one invests, they fundamentally are investing in a possible structure and self complementing the tourist ecosystem, with unlimited opportunity and possibilities yet to be unleashed.

Firstly a recently completed brand new resort, the IFuru, and its development team offer a rare and exclusive investment opportunity. This will not only be a great chance to expand our investment and involvement, but it will also be a statement signposting the true potential of blockchain technology and precisely the possibility of LABS Group. But the offer doesn’t just end there, in addition to the Ifuru, a second Maldives island included in the deal, the Funadhoo. The Funadhoo is a pristine virgin island with otherworldly scenery. However, the actual value of the Funadhoo Island with its possibilities for further development will offer nothing but an increase in the value of the project. The two islands are also located within just 20–25 minutes by domestic flight, doubling such investment’s foreseeable return.

The Ifuru Island Resort was built in 2019; it had over 140 rooms, including 35 Beach Villas, 9 Beach Villa with Pool, 6 Twin Villa, and 100 Duplex with all sorts of luxury amenities. Some of these amenities include, but are not exclusive of, restaurants, spa and treatment rooms, Recreation center, sports facilities, clinic, kids club, water sports center, and of course, a diving center.

Furthermore, alongside the resort’s foremost infrastructure, its advantage is also showcased through surrounding facilities. This includes having a nearby airport, Ifuru Domestic Airport — being one of the eight major domestic airports in the country, which act identical to a personal airport to the resort. As mentioned in the first section, the said airport is also part of the investment and lease. The harbor section of the island will also be mainly dedicated to support the hotel’s visitors and residents, which will undoubtedly increase its accessibility, giving it a cutting edge over competitors.

This world-class luxury resort will be operated by The Small Maldives Island Company, which has years of experience operating luxurious resorts in the nearby area. The estimated sale Value of Ifuru Island Resort is set to be $65 million, with it currently being positioned as a 4-Star independent property, with a wide range of exciting updates and following the winding down of a global pandemic, making it nothing but the creme de la creme.

From a more objective point of view, according to the 2019 statistics from the renowned Asian Development Bank, the Maldives has the third-highest GDP growth rate in the whole of South Asia. This makes the GDP growth rate just right behind Bangladesh and India, yet such analytics is merely capable of encapsulating only the partial potential of this project. Other than the listed statistics above it is also believed that tourism will continue to be the main support and backbone of the growth of the country as a whole making such an investment directly impactful and significant.

LABS Group is the world’s first end-to-end real estate tokenization ecosystem to develop accessible and cost-efficient investment opportunities for all. We enable asset owners to tokenize and sell real estate assets utilizing blockchain, which dramatically reduces the time-consuming process in the traditional real estate investment market, maximizing efficiency. The LABS ecosystem welcomes Ifuru Island Resort to the family and provides crowdfunding services with our strong community support.

However, the developmental plan and prospect do not just stop here. The team has plenty of collaboration and future opportunities in mind. To release the full capability of Blockchain and LABS, the group will continue the search and investment in a variety of real estate projects that will benefit those who also invest in us. For more details regarding upcoming projects, please stay tuned and follow our official channel and updates closely to avoid the possibility of missing out on any information and opportunities.



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