LABS Group explore NFT adoption in the global real estate market with Kardiachain crosschain technology support

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Kardiachain. They are vastly growing and planning to tap into the world of NFTs. It is well known that Real-estate is one of the most valuable types of investment. LABS Group have been exploring the possibility of transforming this potential asset to be adopted into the NFT segment. LABS end-to-end real-estate investment ecosystem with Kardiachain’s accessible blockchain for million vision is poised to disrupt this asset class which was so far only available to some high profile investors.


Kardiachain has been focused on designing blockchain solutions that are not confined to specific smart-contract algorithms or consensus systems. Instead, Kardiachain is an interoperable blockchain platform that is operable across multiple ecosystems such as KAIStrater. Kardiachain evokes simplicity while using the blockchain via its dual node interchain operations. Thus, setting up a precedent for one unified ecosystem for all developers to involve potential blockchain projects.

How LABS Group and Kardiachain Partnership is expanding the possibility of NFT markets

Real-estate market has been flourishing with a global net worth of US$228 trillion. Despite this fact, it is hard for traditional investors to enter the market and invest in it. High entry barriers are the main factor that stops the most investors. LABS Group has innovated the concept of real-estate investing via tokenization, crowdfunding and fractionalization. Thus, traditional properties have turned accessible for the investors despite their limited investment capability. We hope anyone, even with only $100USD will be able to invest in off-shore properties via the LABS ecosystem. LABS Group aim to eliminate the pain points in the traditional real estate market and provide opportunities for both investors and secondary market buyers to invest in the global real estate market.

Though the concept has been revolutionary, it has got its fair share of challenges while operating on top of the blockchain ecosystem. Kardiachain’s dual node technology promises better participation across diverse blockchain and KSML (Kardia Smart Unified Smart Language system) can help different smart-contracts to interact efficiently. The support from Kardiachain could help to optimize the performance of the mass-level adoption of the real-estate NFT. We are looking forward to collaborating with this invaluable partner to expand the greatest asset market with their crosschain technology.

LABS Group has shown giant strides in how we are transforming the traditional real-estate investment via blockchain technology. Kardiachain is achieving milestones by introducing KSML and dual nodes, which have solved the core problem of developers getting tied to a single chain development. Their vision of creating an inclusive platform for private and public chains has lived up to our anticipation to build an accessible blockchain ecosystem with more straightforward deployment and operability.

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