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Introducing LABS Club: Your Ticket to A Lifetime of Vacation

LABS Group is embarking on an exciting, new chapter — one that will revolutionise the traditional real estate and hospitality industry with blockchain, NFT, and Web3. Why? Because the industry needs a new way of operating, and the current consumers need a new way to spend.

We’re ushering in this new era of Decentralized Real Estate with the introduction of LABS Club, to be launched in Q1 2023.

LABS Club: The Future Is Here

Want access to luxurious, global properties? LABS Club has a global real estate portfolio. Want more flexibility with your real estate earnings? LABS Club gives you access to the Clubhouse, where you buy the Residence Pass (NFT) which allows access to the Residence Club program with free night stay & Reward Generation at each property. Want to be a globetrotter that comes with more rewards, less cost? Under the LABS Explorer Club, you get exciting rewards at global properties.

How does all of this work? Let’s break it down.

Think of LABS Club as the main hub, where you get access to Residence Club programs from hotels globally that suit your needs. Under LABS Club, you can find the Clubhouse, our resort and hotel NFT marketplace. This marketplace is where you can buy and sell Residence Pass (NFT) where NFT holders will receive plenty of benefits such as free nights at our properties, exclusive in-property perks and reward generation from global world class resort operations. For those who want exclusive perks for travelling, this is where the LABS Explorer Club comes in. Travellers with this special NFT will have the keys to global accommodations — and get exclusive invitations to community events and parties.

This benefits property owners too. Property owners can easily build recurring, longer stay customers, as well as​​ maximise occupancy and revenue. On top of that, we also help to create a customised loyalty program that greatly rewards their customers to encourage longer stays. Win-win.

Mohini Komodo Resort, one of LABS Club properties tied to the Residence Pass (NFT)

Travel the World With Our Travel Pass

Let’s dive deeper into the Residence passes (NFT).

Our passes are backed by utility at resorts and rewards from our marketplace transactions, which means you get special in-property rewards from the specified property. Pass Holders can enjoy unique perks like free stays and spa treatments, discounts at Food & Beverages, and special privileges like late checkouts.

“We have an ambitious goal to disrupt the traditional real estate and hospitality industry, so our team has been heads down, focused on this for the past few months. We’re excited to share more about our plans and developments — we’ve already gotten exciting collaborations with world-class names in the pipeline — and it’s only due time before we turn our goal into a reality,” says Yuen Wong, CEO of LABS Group.

With unlimited scalability to add more value to the asset (expansion into metaverse plays, gamification etc.), we are introducing a new asset class for this next gen of consumers.

What’s Coming Next

We aim to roll out LABS Club to the public by early next year, where users can start accessing the Clubhouse, the Residence Pass as well as LABS Explorer Club Program.

Phase two is the most exciting because the possibilities with LABS Club are endless. This next phase includes fostering gamification, Metaverse integration and mobile app development. Expect all properties to be shown in the Metaverse, where the entire LABS Club ecosystem will be gamified. A mobile app for LABS Club will be developed in this phase too.

About LABS Group

LABS Club is powered by LABS Group Limited, a platform that offers end-to-end real estate blockchain real estate projects. It was first established in 2018, and we are partnered with some of the biggest names in the real estate world, such as Ananda Development, Living Land, and L.P.N. Development, as well as hospitality companies.

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