LABS CEO Q&A Series — What are the major milestones LABS Group has achieved in 2021?

Hello LABS Community,

It is our honour to announce that we had a fruitful year in 2021. This could definitely not be accomplished without your support. So today, Yuen, the CEO of LABS, is going to share some of the major milestones that we (including everyone of you!) have achieved so far.

“Reviewing the past year, I think we have achieved a lot. Firstly, we made the crowd funding possible,” Yuen said with confidence. LABS Crowdfunding platform is a place that connects individual investors, real estate and hospitality business owners, both are keen on wealth accumulation. At an affordable price point, you can now enter the real estate investment market without complication. To best utilise the platform, we have two staking pools available for investors to stake and receive daily rewards — USDT and $LABS.

Also, we have introduced several projects including the world’s first NFT resort Kunang Kunang Tent Resort in Indonesia, which is progressing well and near completion at the present time. Located in a lush green forest surrounded by paddy fields, the pavilion is on top and descends into the river that runs along 15 luxurious sites. The affordable luxury tent resort was introduced by the term “glamourous camping” where guests can immerse themselves in the wilderness under the roof of opulence.

“Secondly, we have gone into the Esports hotel business, which is something very interesting and our main focus in the coming year as well,” Yuen said. We have introduced the Arena Esports Hotel project last year, a pioneer integrating gaming arena and themed hotel. It is located at Bugis, Singapore, and is now the biggest Esports hotel in Southeast Asia and the world’s first hotel with VR concepts, located in the promising business district. In the future, Esports enthusiasts will be catered to this 25,000 sq. ft. communal habitat with co-working, co-playing and co-living facilities. “We have the plan to expand to 50 locations through the partnership model and franchise model,” Yuen said.

Moreover, the WIN platform is another milestone you cannot possibly miss. It is an all in one raffle winning system that will enable all LABS holders to purchase “tickets” in order to win LABS jackpot prizes. In essence it’s a quick itch fix to allow holders of LABS to win even more LABS. Playing the LABS WIN platform gives you a chance to win huge LABS prizes. “This is good fun and a chance for everyone to be involved and be a winner yourself,” Yuen said.

About LABS Group

LABS Group is a digital investment platform that provides access to fractionalized property ownership and enables the continuous trading of real estate assets-backed tokenized shares on a regulated security exchange.

LABS Group’s platform uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure complete transparency over a borderless ecosystem where property developers and investors can interact seamlessly and with unprecedented efficiency.

Real estate and blockchain professionals have brought together their expertise to devise an ecosystem of services that make property investment more accessible, more secure, and more liquid.

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LABS Group

LABS Group utilizes blockchain, NFT and Web3 tech to disrupt traditional real estate and hospitality industry. Other Social Links: