LABS Group Announces Uniswap IDO With a Phuket Resort Property Giveaway

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4 min readMar 8, 2021

In a one-of-a-kind event, we are hosting an IDO Giveaway where the grand prize winner will become the new owner of their very own Luxury Resort Property! The 5-star seaside property is located on the extraordinary Phuket island in Thailand and will be sponsored by our notable partner VIP Property Development. Besides the grand prize winner, lucky draw ticket holders also have the chance to win Apple iPhone 12 Pros and Apple Homepods minis!

The property will include a 6% Rental Guarantee for 2 years! Even if you don’t stay there, the property will pay you rental dividends while it’s operating. The winner will receive 100% of the Security Tokens issued with this property which will make them the owner of the luxury real estate.

How to participate in IDO Giveaway?

On March 15th, 10:30 AM UTC. LABS Group will be doing their IDO on Uniswap and will create the liquidity pool. At this time, we will open the Staking Pool on MANTRA DAO which will have a specific pool to stake your LABS Uniswap LP Tokens to qualify for our lucky draw. The drawing will open for 1 hour and at 11:30 AM UTC we will take a snapshot of the wallet and issue entries based on how much ETH you have contributed into the LABS Raffle wallet. The Raffle will be drawn 2 weeks after the IDO and the winners will be announced at that time on the LABS Group Website.

Prizes are as shown below.

Users will need to purchase LABS with ETH on UNISWAP and provide liquidity and stake them on the UNISWAP v2 Pool on MANTRA DAO.

You will need to fill out this form for us to help verify you stake.

LABS Group will be offering a SUPER YIELD in the lucky draw staking pool which will have 100% APY that is in the liquidity pool paid to our stakers as a reward. This pool will only last for 9 weeks! The earnings will start as soon as we take the snapshot and close the deposits on March 15th 11:30 AM UTC

To all UNISWAP LP Pool stakers, entries will only be counted at the time we take the snapshot of the liquidity pool in which we will count the number of entries each staker will receive.

1 bonus entry will be paid for every 2 ETH staked as shown in the table below.

Entries are only counted if the LP Tokens from the LABS UNISWAP v2 pool is staked on MANTRA DAO. The more LP you stake the more you earn in yield and the more chances you get to win our prizes!

The LP tokens are soft locked for 8 weeks which can be withdrawn anytime at the below schedule. The withdrawal fee will go into a governance wallet for future decisions by community holders of $LABS.

ONLY purchased $LABS on UNISWAP between 10:30 AM UTC to 11:30 AM UTC will count to the lucky draw. ANY sales of LABS Tokens (Private, Public Sales) from the same wallet will disqualify you for the Phuket Resort Property Giveaway.

ETH dollar amount will be pegged at the time of UNISWAP listing in order to properly calculate the LP tokens.

The lucky draw will be done by a 3rd party to insure transparency 2 weeks after we close the entry time.

More details will follow.

Good luck everyone, we look forward to your participation and your continued support!

Please BE AWARE of SCAMMERS. The real LABS Group admins will never DM you first, ask you for funds or private keys, or send fund addresses in public channels.

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