Kunang Kunang Construction Progress Update — August

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4 min readSep 10, 2021


The Kunang Kunang Resort Project is a success and we would like to thank everyone who supported us on this project. LABS continues to develop innovative projects that will benefit the community as well as the industry. Currently, the project is in the construction process and our team would like to give you the construction progress update to keep you updated with the development of the project.

Following up with the hot summer weather in Indonesia, Kunang Kunang is bringing you a sensational wildlife sanctuary soft open in December.

  • Philosophy to reflect the mother of nature and spirit of the destination. The experience is inherent, gallivant, and secluded.
  • Nestled along a tranquil section, the fresh running river runs along 15 glamping rooms.
  • Currently, the resort has reached 70% of the progress. The construction is entering the finishing phase.
  • The frame structure of the glamps and foundation is ready. It is lush with the symphony of the lawn.
  • Cabling and power sources around the area have been installed.
  • The wood decks at restaurants are in progress.
  • Road construction is currently at 50%. It will be completed after the major construction of the resort.

Timeline and milestones of Kunang Kunang

August 2019 — When the very first visit to Banyuwangi took place. This is where we visited various lands before deciding which plot best fits the overall concept and design of the project.

2019 December — Land Purchase Completion.

2020 September — December — The team started working on the tents, restaurant, spa, and lobby foundation of the resort.

2020 December — Hotel License Completion.

2021 June — The Announcement of LABS X Gravity partnership.

2021 November — December — Completion of the resort and further staff training and final touches.

2021 December — The Soft Opening.

2022 February — The Grand Opening.

About Kunang Kunang

Name after fireflies, the world’s first NFT resort Kunang Kunang is located at 30 minutes flight from Bali to Banyuwangi Airport at a prime Banyuwangi location, the hub of eight main attractions including Ijen Crater Blue Volcano, the only blue volcano that allows tourists to enter.

Located in a lush green forest surrounded by paddy fields, the pavilion is on top and descends into the river that runs along 15 luxurious glamping sites. The affordable luxury glamping resort was introduced by the term “glamourous camping” where guests can immerse themselves in the wilderness under the roof of opulence.

Scattered across the ground of Kunang Kunang are a restaurant and common area that allows for group camaraderie and social celebrations. Kunang Kunang is an affordable luxury that provides everything you need with abundance.

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