Introducing NFT Exclusive Clubs for Black, Platinum, and Gold NFT Cardholders

The LABS Group has come a long way from a mere idea to a vision and now a reality. This would not be possible without the loyal followers who have been with us since the very beginning. This is why the LABS team has been hard at work to make sure that our early investors would not go unrecognized and would form an integral part of the LABS growth plans for the future. We are delighted to introduce 3 exclusive clubs for our NFT auction top tiers contributors.

Black — Pegasus Club

Platinum — Unicorn Club

Gold — Griffin Club

A number of perks and advantages, from receiving free LP tokens to up to 20% in liquidity mining power-ups, will be available to the cardholders who are lucky enough to win a spot in one of the exclusive clubs. In addition, Black and Platinum cardholders will also be able to join the highly renowned private Boxmining Telegram group to get some exclusive access to some exciting news and information.

The exclusive club members will be part of the future of LABS too as they will also be able to co-invest in some early-stage projects and join some seed funding investment opportunities that are planned for the future.

Platinum, Gold cardholders please contact @LABSGrouphelp on telegram to verify and join the group.

About LABS

LABS is a digital investment platform that provides access to fractionalized property ownership and enables the continuous trading of real estate assets-backed tokenized shares on a regulated security exchange.

LABS uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure complete transparency over a borderless ecosystem where property developers and investors can interact seamlessly and with unprecedented efficiency.

Real estate and blockchain professionals have brought together their expertise to devise an ecosystem of services that make property investment more accessible, more secure, and more liquid.

For more information about LABS, feel free to follow our community and social media:

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LABS is the FIRST End to End Crowdfunding service specializing in the Real Estate Market. Other Social Links: |

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LABS Group

LABS Group

LABS is the FIRST End to End Crowdfunding service specializing in the Real Estate Market. Other Social Links: |

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