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Here Are 10 Reasons For Why You Have To Invest in RTS-NFTs

If you have been keeping up with LABS Group’s social media platforms, you would have certainly heard of Kunang Kunang Resort. LABS Group has recently launched the world’s first community-owned resort — Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort. It will be sold as 365 Rewarding Timeshare (RTS) NFTs via an auction on Refinable’s marketplace from July 15th, 2021! You can learn more about the auction here.

The LABS RTS-NFT provides investors and clients with amazing features! Want to know how you can benefit from this auction? Here are ten reasons why the RTS-NFT auction is the perfect investment opportunity for you!

According to our estimations, you are guaranteed to enjoy a minimum of 10% return within the first two years on the nominal price! Even more importantly, our project has a 15% return per year, so you can break even in the 7th year! Sit back and watch your money slip back into your wallet. Safe and Easy!

Remember when we mentioned that there are 365 RTS-NFTs? Each RTS-NFT represents a day on the calendar! Successful Bidders of the RTS-NFT can obtain a corresponding staying right (on that day) with the best room available! That means you get to stay at Kunang Kunang hotel for free on your own special day!

Investing in Kunang Kunang doesn’t only limit to the resort itself of course. A limousine service pickup from the airport? A complimentary spa? How about a free dinner and a delicious breakfast! Bid your very own RTS-NFT to get your best first stay at Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort!

One of LABS Group’s goals with Kunang Kunang Resort is to combat traditional timeshare challenges, and you know what we disagree with? Having to pay for the property’s operational and financial liabilities! Why should that be your responsibility, right? With LABS Group’s RTS-NFT, holders are not liable to any fees of the property! Enjoy your vacation comfortably and carefree without having to worry about management fees.

The RTS-NFT holders are entitled to a trading right! What does that mean? With your brand new RTS-NFT, you can trade it with others on Binance Smart Chan (BSC) or Ethereum!

Be part of the board with your entitled voting rights! Successful Bidders of the 365 RTS-NFTs can vote for major operational decisions. Your choices can influence when to sell off the resort (with the majority’s agreement) at a higher price among other decisions! Isn’t that amazing?

Want to share your privileges with a loved one? You can send the RTS-NFT to someone you value as a gift or even let that special person stay in Kunang Kunang on your RTS-NFT’s entitled night! As the adage goes, sharing is caring! Show Kunang Kunang Resort’s beauty to those who are important to you!

Maybe you have a new special day to celebrate! With your successfully bided RTS-NFT, you can swap the days with other holders, so you can always visit Kunang Kunang Resort on your most desired days! Not only does the swapping right include day swapping, it also includes swapping the incentive point and the location (of other resorts in the future)! Holders can swap the RTS-NFTs among themselves in the LABS ecosystem.

As one of the rare 365 RTS-NFT holders of Kunang Kunang resort, you obtain bragging rights! Does that sound too arrogant? But, it’s true! If you are a top bidder of the month (or just one of the top three bidders in the auction), you get to name a room. This means that you can literally name a room after you, your loved one, or whatever you want! One successful bidder even gets the chance to rename the resort!

RTS-NFT holders can also easily display the global portfolio they built on a digital wallet. Now, you can be as smug as you want about being an RTS-NFT holder of the one and only Kunang Kunang Glamping resort!

You may have already heard of LABS Group’s G.A.I.N.S model, where profit-backed rewards are distributed in LABS Tokens with equivalent values. Not only do you get to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, but you also get to be part of our global community and receive short-term and long-term rewards from LABS Group. What’s there not to like?

Did you know about all the benefits that come along with owning an RTS-NFT? With LABS Group’s hard work and dedication to the project, we know that Kunang Kunang Resort will definitely revolutionize the real estate and blockchain industry as the first community-owned resort in the world. So what are you waiting for? Participate in the auction and get your hand at one of our exclusive RTS-NFTs!

You can follow up on our most recent updates and developments regarding Kunang Kunang on our social media platforms. See you there!

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