Fun in the Sun: LABS Group Announces a Grand Lucky Draw for Exclusive Vacation or 5000 USDT!

LABS Group is excited to launch Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort — the world’s first community-owned resort in Banyuwangi, Indonesia. We will start auctioning for 365 RTS-NFTs on July 15th at 1 PM UTC, so don’t miss out! You can find out more details here.

To celebrate the launch of Rewarding Timeshare NFT (RTS-NFT), LABS Group is incredibly thrilled to announce a lucky draw with an exclusive vacation trip or 5000 USDT for RTS-NFT holders and Real Estate Digitization Fund (RED Fund) supporters!

What is RTS-NFT and the RED Fund?

Kunang Kunang Glamping Resort is the first community-owned NFT Resort. LABS Group fractionalised the entire resort into 365 NFTs, revolutionizing the world of real estate. RTS-NFTs resolve major pain points that exist in traditional real estate investing such as timeshare bottlenecks allowing the property to be used only at available times and high renovation charges or liabilities. The auction on July 15, 2021, will issue 365 NFTs, forming 100% of the property.

RED Fund backs the 365 RTS-NFTs and is used to support the acquisition, development, and digitization of Kunang Kunang Resort. Fund contributors can be guaranteed with a 10% annual projected return for the first 2 years, if all RTS-NFTs are sold, contributors will get the principal plus premium made in the auction; if there are unsold RTS-NFTs, it will be assigned back to the contributor pool for profit distribution.

Grand Lucky Draw Details

Entry Requirement

To enter the Lucky Draw for an exclusive vacation or 5000 USDT, you must be one of the 365 successful winning bidders that participated in our auction between July 15–28. One RTS-NFT count as one entry in the lucky draw.

All the funders who invested in our RED Fund will automatically enter our Grand Lucky Draw by LABS Group Gravity Resort!

Prize Details

The winner is entitled to an all-expense-paid trip to Indonesia for 5 days OR a 5000 USDT cash prize:

An all-expense-paid trip to Indonesia:

  1. LABS Group will cover your flight ticket for a maximum of 1000 USDT
  2. Exclusive travel experience to Banyuwangi and Bali
  3. Luxury resort stay for the whole trip (or the same tier)
  4. Chauffeur service for the whole trip
  5. Well planned luxurious itinerary
  6. The exclusive stay includes all the dining experience, personalized concierge, spa relaxation, and exclusive local adventures

If the winner chooses the all-expenses-paid trip, they will be able to fully enjoy the trip with sightseeing included, such as visits to the Uluwatu Temple, Kecak Dance, Sunday Beach Club, Potato Head, and other Kunang Kunang designated attractions! All expenses stated in the itinerary are on LABS Group.

If the winner prefers the 5000 USDT prize, our team will complete a KYC with the winner and transfer 5000 USDT to the dedicated wallet accordingly.

Grand Lucky Draw LIVE Stream

The lucky draw will happen on August 3rd at 9 AM UTC. We will announce more details after the auction. Stay tuned!

Terms and Conditions

  • The winner will be chosen based on the raffle.
  • The winner will be announced on the LABS Group's official Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram and the person have to claim the prize within a week through Telegram after it has been announced.
  • The winner has to activate the stay before the end of 2022.
  • If the winner cannot be contacted or is unable to comply with these terms and conditions, LABS Group reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant.
  • No responsibility can be accepted for entries lost, delayed or corrupted, or due to computer error in transit.
  • The prize can be transferred but not redeemed for cash.
  • The winner is responsible for expenses and arrangements not specifically stated in the itinerary.
  • Failure to respond and/or provide the wallet address, proof of ownership of RTS-NFT, or fail to meet the eligibility requirements may result in forfeiture of the prize.
  • LABS Group reserves all the rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time, without prior notice.
  • By entering the lucky draw each entrant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The Kunang Kunang Resort RTS-NFTs is all set to revolutionize the real estate industry. Participate in the auction to not only obtain the many privileges that could be enjoyed by successful bidders but also qualify in our lucky draw for an exclusive trip or 5000USDT!

Stay tuned on LABS Group’s social media platforms to keep an eye out for future updates and announcements!

About LABS Group

LABS Group is a digital investment platform that provides access to fractionalized property ownership and enables the continuous trading of real estate assets-backed tokenized shares on a regulated security exchange.

LABS Group’s platform uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure complete transparency over a borderless ecosystem where property developers and investors can interact seamlessly and with unprecedented efficiency.

Real estate and blockchain professionals have brought together their expertise to devise an ecosystem of services that make property investment more accessible, more secure, and more liquid.

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