Everything You Need to Know about Arena Esports Project

The Arena Esports project is one of the most revolutionary undertakings currently in the hospitality industry. The project combines several growth industries in a single project such as esports, tourism, crowdfunding, crypto, GameFi, Metaverse and hospitality project tokenization.

The Arena Esports project will become a new industry standard and signal the first step in a new economic model. In this article, we’ll detail everything you need to know about this incredible venture.

The Gaming Market

While the global games market reached $173 billion in 2020, Southeast Asia is set to lead the world in esports revenue. The combined growth of the esports market will increase by 20.8% year-over-year through 2024, nearly double the global rate, according to a report from Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Newzoo BV.

The path is clear, esports will be a major driver of the entertainment industry. For this reason, Singapore’s government is taking the initiative to open opportunities for local players, who want to pursue esports as a profession. The local authorities are hosting the Esports League with an attractive prize pool.

The market is ripe for exponential growth, 72 percent of video game players in Singapore are between 16 to 24 years of age, according to Statista. These young people are at the start of their economic lives, and are seeking new markets to express themselves.

Yet, there are economic obstacles slowing their growth. A basic gaming PC has an initial price of SGD 1228.3, which is an expensive investment for most teenagers and young adults.

Here, the Arena Esports Hotel becomes the perfect solution by providing the necessary facilities and equipment for those future esports professionals by unlocking their gaming potential.

What is the Arena Esports Project?

The Arena Esports is the biggest Esports hotel in South East Asia. The facility is 25,000 square feet designed around the concept of Esports gaming, with co-playing, co-living, and co-working centers with 76 rooms for gamers and visitors to gather.

Compared to other computer cafes, serious gamers can have their privacy to go “eat, sleep and game on repeat”, here, all your needs are catered to form the moment you check in.

A convenient hub in Singapore, the hotel is located in a prime location. Located in Bugis (District 7), the center of the business district in Singapore, the timing could not be better as Bugis Street & Village will be redeveloped by Under CapitaLand, one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate groups.

The revamped Bugis Village & Bugis Street will cater to the creative community at the center of Singapore’s busiest district. Here, shoppers are keen to experience a mix of the eclectic Bugis old-world charm and the modern lifestyle of a global city.

Additionally, the room rates per night are friendly for a budget traveler. According to the STB 2020 Tourism Sector Performance Report, the overall average room rate in Singapore is SGD 152. The Arena Esports Hotel sets the price at SGD 80 per night, a more affordable choice for local gamers and tourists who are looking for a comfortable stay at the city’s center.

The hotel will host frequent esports competitions and friendly tournaments. On top of PC, console, VR and mobile gaming, the team is currently exploring opportunities in the GameFi and Metaverse world as well. Arena Esports Hotel is committed to the promotion of blockchain adoption, and will hold educational seminars explaining blockchain technology and other cryptocurrency concepts. Advancing the understanding of these technologies is key for the future of the economy.

A Look at the Arena Esports Hotel Infrastructure

More than an Esports hotel, the Arena Esports has built-in multiple ecosystems for various tastes. Control of the room’s experience is achieved using IoT devices embedded in every room. Users can access these devices via an app in order to control room temperature, light intensity, open and close the curtains just to name a few examples.

This app also allows users the ability to book rooms in advance, self check-in, and order services directly from their phones. The hotel combines gaming spaces with business, food quarters, co-working offices, and touristic facilities and accommodations.

A creative co-working environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, Gen Z and Millennials can congregate, work, and live in the facilities. The hotel has access to extensive food and relaxation facilities to ensure everything is at hand for a complete experience.

The hotel is equipped with VR omni-directional treadmills creating a 360 degree world where users can walk in any direction and immerse in the gaming world.

Making the VR experience available for everyone, while most VR games only allow one person to play, the hotel is allowing multiple players to join together in the VR Arcade Center. That can be explored by the guests of the hotel.

The Arena Esports Hotel is the choice for gamers that are looking for privacy. A level-up version of an internet cafe, the hotel provides gamers with the ultimate private and distraction-free environment to unlock their true gaming potential!

Dedicated to gamers, the hotel is equipped with a pro-gaming setup for gamers to concentrate on their games. From Esports to VR Esports, the hotel is creating the future of gaming for young people looking to immerse in a gaming experience without par in the world.

Finally, the Arena Esports Hotel offers a selection of professional gaming peripherals. Any gamer that gets used to the hardware provided in the facilities, can order the same equipment from the hotel’s e-shop and have it delivered to their home address.

The peripherals can be shipped to local addresses, as well as international ones. That way, gamers are able to use the same hardware in the hotel and in their homes. The platform is fully compatible with crypto payments.

Crowdfunding Campaign

The Arena Esports Hotel will take part in a crowdfunding campaign available in Q4 2021, via the LABS Crowdfunding platform.
Crowdfunding platform official link: https://cf.labsgroup.io/

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, start investing in real estate with the LABS crowdfunding platform. The initial investment is as low as 100 USDT. With this move, LABS is bringing real estate investing to medium and small investors.

The Arena Esports Hotel is the biggest blockchain real estate investment opportunity on the planet. Be a part of an exciting new economy and own a piece of the future.


The Arena Esports Hotel heralds a new vision for the hospitality, gaming, and blockchain industry. It’s a massive development that the LABS crowdfunding platform is bringing within reach of every investor on the planet, big and small.

The Arena Esports Hotel will not only be a leader in the way esports are presented and experienced. With the partnership with LABS group, it will also be a new standard in the way real-estate projects are funded. Our goals are ambitious, but that’s how you change an industry.

About LABS Group

LABS Group is a digital investment platform that provides access to fractionalized property ownership and enables the continuous trading of real estate assets-backed tokenized shares on a regulated security exchange.

LABS Group’s platform uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to ensure complete transparency over a borderless ecosystem where property developers and investors can interact seamlessly and with unprecedented efficiency.

Real estate and blockchain professionals have brought together their expertise to devise an ecosystem of services that make property investment more accessible, more secure, and more liquid.

For more information on LABS Group, feel free to follow our socials below:

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About Arena Esports Hotel

Arena Esports Hotel is a prime development spanning a 25,000 sq ft facility equipped with co-working, co-playing, and co-living spaces. The hotel is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the esports and hospitality industry in Singapore. The facilities cater to a modern audience wanting to experience the excitement of the esports world and Singapore’s culture.

For more information on Arena Esports Hotel, follow their socials below:

Website: https://www.arenaesportshotel.com/en
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arena_esports_hostel/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arenaesportshostel/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arena-esports-holdings-ptEltd-2431641ba/
Email: sales@arenaesportshotel.com



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