Blocksync Ventures Invests in Blockchain-powered Real Estate Investment Ecosystem LABS Group

We are delighted to announce that Blocksync Ventures has made an investment in LABS — an innovative platform that aims to disrupt the traditional real estate market with decentralized finance (DeFi).

Blocksync Ventures is an investment firm focusing on early-stage blockchain development. They are formed by a team of experts in traditional finance and emerging technology which accommodates potential innovative blockchain projects as an incubator. They promote and invest in the best and the brightest early-state companies and aim to support crypto-powered projects that will help to build a better web.

LABS is the world’s first end-to-end real estate tokenization ecosystem to develop accessible and cost-efficient investment opportunities for every individual. We allow asset owners to tokenize and sell real estate assets through blockchain, which vastly reduces the time-consuming process in the traditional real estate investment market.

On the road to revolutionizing the traditional assets on-chain, we are building out an ecosystem with many top-notched blockchain technology company partners. With Blocksync Ventures’ support, we are keen to expand LABS’ opportunities even further.

More information about Blocksync Ventures

Website | Twitter

More information about LABS Group

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Reddit | LinkedIn



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LABS Group

LABS Group

LABS Group utilizes blockchain, NFT and Web3 tech to disrupt traditional real estate and hospitality industry. Other Social Links: