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On a recent Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session on Telegram, Bernard Lau, the CEO of LABS Group, addressed community questions and laid out his vision for the future of tokenizing real estate. The session was filled with interesting insights, revealing updates, and a clear view of the path ahead. Here are some of the highlights.

LABS Update

LABS Group began with a vision to democratize and tokenize real estate. Bernard explained that the initial business model, which involved heavy capital expenditure to purchase real estate, was not scalable. Furthermore, different regulations and jurisdictions in different countries presented additional obstacles.

Despite these hurdles, LABS successfully launched their pilot project, Kunang Kunang Tent Resort, in April 2022. While the hotel had a rocky start due to the lingering impacts of COVID, the project eventually achieved a yield of about 10% for the RED FUND investors who hold 15% of the profit share rights.

Bernard assured that LABS is not neglecting real estate. To further engage the community, an NFT will be introduced, granting holders rewards from the properties managed by LABS Group.

The Success Story of Kunang Kunang

While real estate projects take time to come to fruition, Kunang Kunang stands as a testament to LABS’s achievement in real estate. To further the success, Bernard revealed plans to share the rest of the resort with the LABS community by introducing an NFT that provides holders with rewards from properties managed by LABS Group. More details about this are set to be released soon.

For those curious to learn more about Kunang Kunang, Bernard directed the community to the resort’s listing on and its Google Reviews.

Updates on Staynex

Staynex, initially conceived as a side project, has exceeded initial expectations. It’s a platform that helps hotels and resorts transition to Web 3. The goal is to bring more value to users while also allowing hotels and resorts to make more revenue, increase occupancy, create more products, and get users directly to the hotels.

The uniqueness of Staynex lies in the fact that it’s not merely an affiliate like many OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), but rather a platform designed to change the status quo of travel and hospitality. Hotels and resorts can offer direct booking nights and “Create Experiences and Packages” that are automatically embedded onto NFTs.

Staynex’s business model consists of a commission base for experiences and a subscription model for users to access perpetual discounts on bookings.

The LABS-Staynex Relationship

Staynex was initially seen as a sub-project to LABS but grew exponentially alongside it. Both aim to create a comprehensive real estate ecosystem. While LABS focuses on tokenizing real estate, Staynex concentrates on attracting consumers and enhancing hotel revenues. The increase in yield goes back to those who invest in the property from the LABS Real Estate platform.

Staynex’s Development

The progress of Staynex hasn’t been without delays. The complexity of creating something new, catering to individual hotels’ needs, and perfecting the product have extended the timeline for the platform’s launch. However, Bernard assured the community that the Staynex team is close to delivery, rolling out the platform phase by phase.

Staynex’s business model comprises a commission base for experiences and a subscription model offering perpetual discounts of 10–20% cheaper than other OTAs. The subscription fees could potentially be offset with staking tokens or paid at a discount.

Expansion Plans

Staynex’s focus areas for expansion include South East Asia, Dubai, and the UK. By the end of 2023, the aim is to collaborate with 3,000 hotels. LABS will work with property developers in up-and-coming regions and hotels that need funding, predominantly in South East Asia and perhaps Dubai.

Partnerships and Benefits

LABS’ partnership with Arsenal FC offers exposure and the potential for future collaborations. On the other hand, Staynex’s partnerships with hotels and resorts promise cheaper hotel nights for users by eliminating commissions charged by OTAs. This approach will allow hotels to increase their profit margin while users enjoy lower prices.

In the LABS ecosystem, the $LABS token can be used to purchase ecosystem NFTs, pay for Staynex’s subscription fee (still to be finalized), and invest in tokenized real estate at a later stage.

LABS and Staynex Symbiosis

The development of Staynex supports and improves the LABS tokenization program. LABS tokenizes real estate for investors, while Staynex brings more users to these properties, creating better products and experiences, thus increasing revenue and yield. The improved yield goes back to those who invest in the property via the LABS Real Estate platform.

LABS, while currently focusing more on resorts and hotels, hasn’t overlooked the broader real estate market. The company plans to resume its real estate property platform by Q4 2023 or Q1 2024 with a focus on high-yield properties, commercial properties, and property flipping.

Upcoming Developments

The much-awaited whitepaper with full tokenomics and a release schedule is expected to be published soon. LABS will also introduce a burn mechanism based on transactions to add a deflationary aspect to its tokenomics.

Bernard revealed an upcoming concept called the “Owner’s Circle.” This collection of 10,000 NFTs will be minted in stages and will allow holders to receive property operation rewards from all properties managed by LABS.

Overall, this AMA was an insightful look into the minds behind LABS Group, revealing how they plan to shape the future of real estate through tokenization. With a clear roadmap in place, LABS Group is set to transform real estate investing, making it more accessible and rewarding for all.

Owner’s Circle NFT

LABS’s Future in Real Estate and Owner’s Circle NFT

LABS is set to release an NFT collection that allows the community to earn rewards from property operations, including Kunang Kunang and a list of arranged properties. The token burn mechanism based on transactions is a part of this roadmap.

LABS introduced the concept of an “Owner’s Circle” — an NFT that enables holders to receive property operation rewards from all properties managed by LABS. This NFT will be minted in stages, with more details available on

Get Involved in the Future of Real Estate

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