A Guide on How to Migrate Your LABS Tokens to the BNB Chain

LABS Group
2 min readApr 7, 2022

As part of the big news, LABS Group has decided to migrate over to the BNB Chain (Previously known as the Binance Smart Chain or BSC Chain). Along with some technical improvements, the updated token smart contract enables users to experience low transaction fees, borderless DeFi and a DEX ecosystem that is booming. Now, the wait is finally over!

Does the BNB migration sound exciting to you? This is how it’s going to be — all associated LABS platforms will be moved over to BNB. At this moment you will not be required to do any further steps with your investments. After the Migration phase (April 11 2PM UTC — April 18 2PM UTC), you can trade/ purchase/ invest again on all platforms. You don’t have to rush as there is no deadline for bridging over ETH LABS assets. Splendid!

*It will take a few weeks for exchanges, coin information sites, and wallets to catch up and display the old and new token correctly.

BNB Token Smart Contract Address: 0x134B372f5543C5CCa30Be6a796Da032c8274bDdF

As for all the existing LABS Holders with DeFi wallets, you will be able to bridge your existing LABS assets over to BNB via Anyswap (https://anyswap.exchange/#/bridge).

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