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LABS Group
LABS is the FIRST End to End Crowdfunding service specializing in the Real Estate Market. Other Social Links: |

The Arena Esports project is one of the most revolutionary undertakings currently in the hospitality industry. The project combines several growth industries in a single project such as live gaming events, tourism, crowdfunding, crypto, and hospitality project tokenization.

The Arena Esports project will become a new industry standard and signal…

With the mission of bringing fun and secure real estate investment opportunities to the blockchain world, and making investments available for everyone, LABS is thrilled to announce a joint venture partnership with Arena Esport Hotel. …

LABS Group is pleased to announce our partnership with Silverbear Capital, an investment bank. LABS Group signed off the MOU with Silverbear Capital last August 27. A real estate fund with an initial target of USD 50M will be formed, aiming to be primarily invested in Asia Pacific.

LABS Group…

This report analyses the feedback on the content and format of our crowdfunding platform, provided by our BETA participants. The quotes in this report are extracted from the feedback forms that the participants were asked to fill out and submit back to us for review. …



  • 30K total followers on Twitter
  • 13.2% increase in Profile Engagement
  • 10% increase in likes
  • 21.7% increase in retweets
  • 17.2% increase in comments


  • 1148 new users on Telegram
  • 465 average daily messages
  • 14404 messages


LABS Group Joins Hands with NetVRk. 09 Sep 21.

LABS Group…

Blockchain, NFTs and Real Estate are popular topics today that have revolutionized the financial industry. LABS Group aims to share the knowledge with everyone in the world about the latest innovations in the digital world.

LABS Group is a decentralized, digital investment platform that aims to provide investors with an…

Approaching the opening of the World’s first NFT resort, LABS would like to express our gratitude for your never-ending support by inviting the community to be a part of the decision-making process and to choose a name for the resort. …

The Kunang Kunang Resort Project is a success and we would like to thank everyone who supported us on this project. LABS continues to develop innovative projects that will benefit the community as well as the industry. …

LABS Group is over the moon to announce that we are joining hands with Netvrk, a metaverse with state-of-the-art creation tools and infrastructure to share, experience, and monetize creations. Every user will benefit from the platform, businesses will be able to gain profit through various means for monetization.

Netvrk enables…



  • 29K total followers on Twitter
  • 5.1K Profile Engagement


  • 1467 active users on Telegram
  • 121 Daily Active Users
  • 579 average daily messages
  • 24 average hourly messages
  • 17940 messages


Last Day to Name Your Own Resort Starting From 0.99 USDT…

LABS Group

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