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Getting ahead of their time makes people smart, and investing in next-generation entertainment makes money smart. What is the latest profitable opportunity we cannot afford to miss? Esports!

Today, you can invest in Arena eSports Hotel, which is tokenized utilizing blockchain technology. LABS Group has recently announced a strategic partnership…



  • 55K total followers on Twitter
  • 920% increase in Profile Engagement
  • 610% increase in likes
  • 1.9K% increase in retweets
  • 442% increase in comments


  • 23K new users on Telegram
  • 281.4K messages


LABS Group is Forming a Joint Venture with Arena Esports Hotel to Tokenize eSports Hotels…

Developers Update:

More utilities you say?

With the blockchain industry ever-evolving, LABS Group is striving to create the best possible ecosystem for our community members. To present a better picture on what our team has been and will be working on, here is the LABS Roadmap for the next coming…

The Arena Esports project is one of the most revolutionary undertakings currently in the hospitality industry. The project combines several growth industries in a single project such as esports, tourism, crowdfunding, crypto, GameFi, Metaverse and hospitality project tokenization.

The Arena Esports project will become a new industry standard and signal…

LABS Group

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